Tech That Shapes Us

We use a set of technologies, tools and utilities across all our work for system design, product design, development, debugging, testing/QA, deployment and project management.

Following sections include a best effort compilation list of all tech we use. It is not necessarily a complete one.

Languages & Scripting

Bash Scripting
C Programming Language
C++ Programming Language
Dart Programming Language
PHP Programming Language
Python Programming Language
Typescript Programming Language
DOS Command Line Scripting
Embedded C Language
Java Programming Language
Perl Programming Language
C# Programming Language
Kotlin Programming Language
Swift Programming Language

Software Frameworks

Django Python Web Development Framework
Express Nodejs Web Development Framework
Flutter Cross-platform Development Framework
LESS CSS Preprocessor Language
Phalcon PHP Development Framework
Tailwind Framework for CSS Development
Angular Javascript Framework
Bootstrap UI Framework
PostCSS CSS Analysis JavaScript Tool
Yii PHP Development Framework
Ember Javascript Framework
Knockout MVVM JavaScript Framework
Mono Project: .NET Open Source Implementation for Cross-platform Development
Sails.js MVC Framework for Nodejs
Symfony PHP Web Development Framework
Vuejs MVVM JavaScript Framework

Software Components

Apache HTTP Server
Celery Distributed Task Queue Manager
Gunicorn WSGI HTTP Server
Hive Key Value DB
Nginx HTTP Server
Nodejs HTTP Server
PostGIS Spatial Database Indexer for PostgreSQL
RabbitMQ Message Broker Software
Redis In-Memory Data Structure Store System
Sphinx Document Search Software
Cassandra NoSQL Database
Memcached Distributed Memory Caching System

Software Libraries

Bluebird Nodejs Promises Library
Chart.js JavaScript Chart Library
CLEditor: WYSIWYG Rich Text Entry Library
JQuery Cross-browser DOM Manipulation JavaScript Library
Modernizr Browser Capabilities Detection JavaScript Library
Normalize CSS Reset Library
Billboard.js Chart JavaScript Library based on D3
D3.js Data Driven Documents JavaScript Library
JQuery UI JavaScript Library
WebRTC Real Time AV Communication Project
Mootools Cross-Browser Development JavaScript Library
OpenGL Computer Graphics Library

Platform APIs

Facebook API Platform
Google Sign In & User Data APIs
Google Maps APIs
Google Pay Payment & UPI APIs
Kaleyra SMS (India) Automation Platform APIs
LinkedIn Sign In & User Data APIs
Paypal Payment APIs
Paytm Payment APIs
Payu Payment APIs
TextLocal SMS (India) Automation Platform APIs
UPI Deep Proximity Integration APIs
Twitter Sign In & User Data APIs
Yahoo! Sign In & User Data APIs
CCAvenue Payment APIs
Microsoft Azure Sign In & User Data APIs
Msg91 SMS (India) Automation Platform APIs
Twilio SMS (India) Automation Platform APIs
Razorpay Payment APIs

Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services Cloud Services Platform
AWS EC2 Instance Management Service
AWS Simple Storage Service
AWS Simple Email Service
Google Cloud Platform
Vilpower TRAI SMS Control Platform
AWS Cloudwatch DevOps Monitoring Service
AWS Identity And Access Management
AWS Relational Database Service
AWS DNS Web Service
AWS Simple Notification Service
Digital Ocean Cloud Services Platform
Firebase Web and Mobile Application Services Platform
Google Analytics Platform
Sendgrid Email Sending Platform
AWS Cloudfront CDN Service
AWS Elastic Load Balancing
AWS Serverless Computing Platform
Cloudflare CDN Service
Gitlab DevOps Platform
Google Tag Manager Platform
Mailchimp Bulk Emailing Platform

Testing Frameworks

Chai JavaScript Testing Framework
Nodejs Code Coverage Instrumentation Tool
Jasmine JavaScript Testing Framework
Mocha JavaScript Testing Framework
PhantomJS Headless Browser for Testing Automation
Selenium Web Browser Automation Framework
Appium Mobile App Automation Framework
Karma JavaScript Testing Framework
Pytest Python Testing Framework

Testing Platforms

Browserstack Cross Browser and Mobile Device Testing Platform Cross Browser and Mobile Device Testing Platform
Saucelabs Cross Browser and Mobile Device Testing Platform
Browserling Cross Browser Testing Platform
TestingBot Cross Browser and Mobile Device Testing Platform

Code Quality

Code Climate Code Quality Platform
Codecov Code Coverage Platform
Coveralls Code Coverage Platform
ESLint JavaScript Linter
MyPy Python Typings Checker
PyLint Python Linter
Scrutinizer CI Code Quality Platform

Continuous Integration

Appveyor Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform
Bamboo Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform
CirclCI Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform
Travis Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Platform
Buddy Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery DevOps Platform
Docker Software Container PaaS


Browserify JavaScript Module Bundler
Cmake C/C++ Build System
Gradle Build System
Grunt JavaScript Task Runner
Gulp JavaScript Build System
Webpack JavaScript Module Bundler

IDEs & Tools

Eclipse IDE for Java, C/C++, and Embedded Software Development
GNU C/C++ Compiler
GNU debugger for C/C++ and other languages
GNU binutils, other tools
SSH secure shell
Vim Unix Environment Editor
VirtualBox Virtualization Tool
VMware Fusion Virtualization Tool
Xcode IDE
Android Studio IDE
Arduino IDE
GNU ARM Toolchain
Processing IDE
Visual Studio IDE
Blender 3D Computer Graphics Tool
Keil ┬ÁVision IDE and MDK
Parallels Desktop Virtualization Tool
PHP My Admin IDE
Postman API Helper Platform
Unigine Cross-Platform Game Engine
Unity Real Time Development Platform
Unreal Engine 3D Computer Graphics Game Engine

Design Tools

Google Fonts Library
Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphics Editor & Design Tool
Adobe Photoshop Raster Graphics Editing Tool
Adobe XD Interface Design Tool
Balsamiq Design Mockups Tool
Figma Interface Design Tool
Font Awesome Font Icons Service
Gimp Raster Graphics Editing Tool
Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor Tool
Mockflow Design Mockups Tool
Sketch Vector Graphics Editor Tool


PHP Composer Dependency Manager
Homebrew MacOS Package Manager
NPM Nodejs Package Repository
Nodejs Version Manager
Flutter/Dart Package Repository
Python Package Index
Cocoapods Package Manager
Anaconda Package Repository

Project Management

Bitbucket Core Repository Platform
Git Version Control System
Github Code Repository & Project Management Platform
Taiga Agile Project Management Tool
Todoist Task Tracking Tool
Jira Issue & Project Tracking Software
Pivotal Tracker Agile Project Management Tool


Flat UI Design Paradigm
Material UI Design Paradigm


Linux Operating System
Ubuntu Linux Operating System
Android Mobile Phone Operating System
Arduino Hardware
Apple iOS Mobile Phone Operating System
MacOS Operating System
Windows Operating System
Raspberry Pi Hardware System
ST Microelectronics Hardware


Markdown Markup Specification
reStructuredText Markup Specification